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Megamix of Best Christian Hits for 2022

For a 4th year, Niels has been working for weeks in the studio to create a yearmix of the christian hits of 2022. Those hits are mixed into a megamix of one hour. The theme of the megamix of this year is ‘Help!’

,,I think this is your best Megamix yet” – Brock Tozer, Music Director Radio CHRI

When I was young I was inspired by Ben Liebrand, whom created a Grandmix every year. Since 2019 I locked myself up in the studio to work on such megamix myself: Worked deep into the nights to make this Christian version of the megamix, based on the hits of 2022…

When you use the megamix on your platform, please notify me. The current mix is about 57 minutes. On request, I could try to cut it down when needed.

The track list:

0:58Brandon Lake – Help!
1:57Jesus Loves Electro & Mitch Wong – This Time
2:52Jordan Feliz – Next To Me (HGHTS Remix)
3:53Jesus Loves Electro & David André Østby – New Unknown
4:11Jimmy Rock – Vibes (Remix) (ft. Marty & Light Ends Darkness)
4:44Branan Murphy – This World Is Not My Home (House Mix)
5:45Rachel Hale – Rainbow
6:17Rend Collective – Let It Roll
7:07LZ7 – Energy
7:57Gospel Of Dance – Walk On Water (David Joy’s Miracle Remix) (ft. Stephanie Standerwick)
8:27Tauren Wells – Fake It (ft. Aaron Cole) (Warehouse Mix)
9:12Bakermat – Joy (ft. Ann Nesby)
9:44ALIPHI – Give It All (ft. Kevin Aleksander)
10:44Jesus Loves Electro & Robin Vane – Authority
11:30Retain – Rest On Us (Remix)
12:01Trinity – Rewilding The Wild
13:01Vision of Leo, Joe L Barnes & Edgar Sandoval Jr – Fought 4 Love
13:51Roy Tosh – Don’t Lose Heart (ft. Lynnea)
14:58Steven Malcolm, Snoop Dogg & Jay-Way – Summertime
16:04Steven Malcolm – Jah Ah De King
16:36TobyMac – Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)
17:57Blanca & Jekalyn Carr – New Day
18:39Elevation Rhythm – Aquí Estoy
19:05Trampolines & David Zach – Come Alive
19:43The Gray Havens – It’s Possible (Matthew Parker Remix)
20:18Battled – From The Silence
21:15The Afters – Say Goodbye (Say Hello) (Sunny Weather Mix)
21:52May Angeles – Come Through (ft. People & Songs)
22:38Evvie McKinney – Church (Radio)
23:39Reyer & Jimmy Rock – The Same Jesus (ft. Oleven)
24:17ICF Worship – Choose To Praise (Reinvented)
24:55Sajan Nauriyal – Next To Me
25:37Apollo LTD – Run
26:19Colorvault – I Will Wait For You (ft. Alex Taylor)
26:37Local Sound – More Than Halfway
27:13Tauren Wells – Come Home
28:21Jazlyn – Actress
28:55For King & Country – Broken Halos
29:46Steven Malcolm, Shaggy & R3HAB – Fuego (R3HAB Remix)
30:20Mandisa – Out Of The Dark (ft. Petey Martin)
31:12Retain – Symphony (Remix)
31:31Hollyn – Bird’s Eye View
32:18Sarah Reeves – Years (Skytech Remix)
33:18Peabod – Alive
33:36CASS – Foreigner
34:00ICF Sunday Night – Perfect
34:46DJ Maj – Nothing But The Truth
35:18FRM! – Catch Me (feat. Xander Sallows) (Neon Feather Remix)
35:45Retain – Happy Day
36:17ØM-53 – It’s All Wrong (ft. Amng Wlvs) (Remix)
36:47Hillsong Young & Free – Phenomena (Da Da) (Others. Remix)
37:43Hannah Schaefer – Step Into the Fight (Gregatron Remix)
38:15Peabod – My Favorite Part
38:45Evan Craft, KB, Sam Rivera – Be Alright – Remix (Remix)
40:00MercyMe – Hands Up
41:17Saintz – Goosebumps
42:20Limoblaze, Lecrae, Happi – Jireh (My Provider)
43:00Tauren Wells – When We Get There
43:40Alexander Pappas & Riley Clemmons – Million Ways
44:39Limoblaze – Pull Up
44:58Hillsong Young & Free – Freedom Is Coming (Reimagined)
46:24Matthew Parker, Sam Bowman & Xander Sallows – Burn Like Embers (Re-Ignited)
47:02BrvndonP – Fear Of Heights
47:41Sajan Nauriyal, Evan Ford & Chris Howland – Down (Remix)
48:18LifeTree – Starting Over (Neon Feather Remix)
48:54Audicid – Energy
49:28Cass – Runaway
50:17Rebecca St. James – Traveling Light
51:19Hezekia – Here’s To the One We Love (ft. ICF Worship) (Remix)
51:54CASS – Egypt
52:26Apollo LTD – Soul Worth Saving
53:21Transform – Unwind
53:51Planetshakers – I Know You Can
54:231K Phew, Lecrae & Trip Lee – Amen Again
54:41TobyMac & Cory Asbury – Fire’s Burnin’
55:38Sam Rivera – Goodbye

Geplaatst op 12-12-2022

Megamix 2019

2019 has finished, so inspiration enough for a megamix of the greatest christian hits of 2019.

When I was young I was inspired by Ben Liebrand, whom created a Grandmix every year. This year I locked myself up in the studio to work on such megamix myself: Worked deep into the night to make this Christian version of the megamix. Hits of 2019, sometimes with extra beats (like Lauren Daigle ;o) are mixed into this Megamix 2019:

Next to the original mix (including 2 dutch tracks from ‘Damascus Hiphop’ and ‘Het Adem Project’) also a No Dutch Edit has been created for NRT.

Geplaatst op 16-01-2020

Interviews EO youthday

Last year I did speak with Britt Nicole just before the EO youthday. Earlier years I was able to speak LZ7, Lily-Jo and many more.

Also For King & Country was on the EO youthday and I was able to speak with them. The interview can be listen below:

Geplaatst op 16-06-2018

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